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Custom Pet Portraits

Ordering your Custom Pet Portrait

Thank-you for your interest!

My process begins with professional, archival quality materials only. I start with a toned canvas of either a warm or cool hue, along with picking a basic color scheme for the piece. The basic shapes of the subject is drawn onto the canvas with a conte crayon or charcoal pencil. I start blocking in the extreme lights and darks with very watery paint. The drippier the better! Some of the drips and transparent paint remain visible in the final product to give the viewer a window into the process. Thicker "impasto" paint is applied later in the process to give a painterly quality. In addition to loving the challenge of capturing the likeness of the subject, I'm also playing with colors and values until they feel right, and creating an eye path that draws the viewer into the piece. By limiting my painting time, the painting remains fresh and expressive, avoiding it from becoming overworked. This approach allows for a quality, painterly piece of art at a reasonable price.

Step-By-Step ordering

Step 1: Contact Us

Fill in the contact information below and write us a brief message expressing your interest. I will contact you back within 48 business hours. 

Step 2: Send us a photo

All that's needed is a clear photograph(s) in natural lighting(no flash). I can only paint what I can see. Since I've never met your furry friend, the photo(s) should be a good representation of the unique character qualities of the animal that you would like to preserve. If you have a specific color you would like to be prominent in the final piece, let me know at this point. You can look at my finished examples or send a swatch. Otherwise, I will chose according to the reference you send. 

Step 3: Make a payment

Before payment is required, you will be sent a photo of the initial drawing stage of the placement of the animal on the canvas for approval.

Once approval is given, an invoice will be sent to you. We prefer Paypal but accept most credit and debit cards.

Step 4: Approve the Final Proof

Expect 1-2 weeks turnaround time between time of payment and final proof. We will provide timing for you and will send you a photo of the painting via email for you to approve. 

Please keep in mind that any additional feedback at this time will take 1-3 business days to complete. 

Step 5: Shipping

Don't worry, shipping costs is include. We will contact you with tracking information once your portrait is in the mail. 

Step 6: Receive your pet portrait

The best step is when your pet portrait arrives to your doorstep. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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